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Resources for Political Advocacy

A Better Delaware Provides Resources You Need to Learn More

If you’re interested in our pro-jobs and pro-business mission, A Better Delaware is happy to provide you with the resources you need to learn more about the current economic situation. Delaware is ranked toward the bottom in the United States for economic growth and business friendliness, and we aim to change that. The first step is education, allowing Delawareans to learn the ins and outs of basic economic policy and current events. We recommend the following resources for building background on the subject.

Take Advantage of Reliable News Outlets

It’s no secret many news outlets hold biases for and against certain arguments and causes. However, there are also plenty of news outlets you can count on to give you the real story. Many national publications take a pro-business stance, including the popular Wall Street Journal and Forbes. If you’re looking for more Delaware-specific information on economics, you have several options there as well. We suggest publications such as Delaware Business TimesDelaware Business Now, and Delaware Business Daily.

Supplement Traditional Media with Blogs and Podcasts

Blogs and podcasts are increasingly popular forms of media. Nowadays, you can glean a wealth of information from these resources. Some of the most popular, The Economist and Freakonomics, are both excellent sources of updates on economics. A Better Delaware also recommends TechCrunch, Economics Roundtable, Slate Money, and EconTalk to round out your research.

Our Trusted Research Organization for Up-To-Date Information

There are many research organizations working within the topic of economic growth. Our political advocacy organization aligns itself with a few of these centers, as we believe their work goes a long way to spreading awareness of the current economic climate. For Delaware specific studies, the Caesar Rodney Institute is your go-to. The Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, and the Economic Policy Institute are all exceptional sources of information for current events and economic policy.

Focusing on Government Accountability and Transparency

Government accountability is a significant aspect of our mission at A Better Delaware. If you’re particularly interested in the current state of accountability and transparency in the local and federal government, we have several resources for you. You can learn more about the Government Accountability Project or focus on Delaware itself with the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review and Delaware Coalition for Open Government.

Understanding Relevant Economic Data

Providing reliable economic data is an integral part of our mission as a political advocacy organization. We want our contributors to understand the actual numbers behind Delaware’s current economy. For the relevant data, you can look to sources such as Delaware Business Daily, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Tax Foundation. Our team also recommends looking at information from the National Bureau of Economic Research and WalletHub.

Contribute Your Time and Energy with Political Training

If you’d like to get involved with A Better Delaware using more than just your money, grassroots and political training may be the path for you. We can recommend several resources for learning the ins and outs of being a political activist or running for elected office yourself. The Network Delaware Candidate School is here to teach strategies for winning elections and being a public servant. At the same time, organizations such as Training for Change are dedicated to educating ordinary citizens on how to be activists. The Campaign Workshop and Indivisible are also fantastic resources for grassroots training.

Contribute to A Better Delaware or Contact Us

Whether you simply want to learn more about a pro-business position or plan to become a political activist yourself, A Better Delaware provides you with the resources you need to succeed. We’re a political advocacy organization headquartered in Wilmington, DE committed to helping Delaware thrive economically and creating a business-friendly environment. If you’re interested in assisting us in furthering our mission, contribute to our cause or contact us today to find out more.