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Certain regulations can hurt businesses, and in turn impact jobs, incomes, and the economy. A Better Delaware opposes anti-business, job-killing regulations in order to promote expansion and growth for Delaware businesses and the communities they serve.


ABD opposes

Increased minimum wage

This bill increases the minimum wage to be paid in this State to $15/hour, with incremental wage hikes beginning in 2020. This bill would drastically increase costs to business, kill jobs, and force some businesses to shut down. The financial impact on taxpayers is sizable, accounting for wage increases for state workers and contractors with the new wage rate.


SB 33: Increased Energy Costs

This bill is intended to advance sustainable energy goals and initiatives in Delaware and to restore Delaware as a leader in renewable, sustainable energy. In reality, this bill would increase costs to businesses and consumers, eliminate the cost cap, and would harm Delaware businesses and economy.