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Our Platform

Health Policy 1. Reform the Healthcare Commission, Health Resources Board and Certificate of Public Need (CON). 2. Enforce existing regulation requiring hospital billing price transparency. 3. Expand options for health care insurance plans by including plans offered across State lines that include essential health benefits.
Economic Policy 1. Reduce the Gross Receipts Tax to improve business competitiveness and grow local employment. 2. Reduce homebuyers closing costs. Delaware has the highest real estate transfer tax in the nation. 3. Lower individual income tax burden to unleash private investment in the economy.
State Government Accountability Policy 1. Formation of a nonpartisan Office of Legislative Ethics and Inspector General. 2. Reform Freedom of Information Act Laws. 3. Enforce Medicaid compliance.
Workforce Development 1. Reform business regulations to remove burdens on small businesses. 2. Reduce licensing fees to remove barriers to work. 3. Increase apprenticeship rations to expedite pathway for licensing in the trades.
Energy Policy 1. Establish an Energy Advisory Council who will generate a realistic energy plan to be approved by the Delaware legislature. 2. Oppose any delegation of legislative authority to Executive Branch agencies.
Education Policy 1. DOE should provide a web page with the average test scores for all students for each individual school so that parents and policymakers can easily compare school-level performance. 2. DOE must provide more robust and easily digestible information and financial incentives for school choice options and transportation. 3. Delaware is one of the most restrictive states in the nation regarding teacher certification. Expand the pathways to becoming a teacher.