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Get the Facts

How is Delaware failing its businesses and residents?

In addition to raising and creating new taxes, regulations, and other “bad business” bills, Delaware:

  • Has the worst business tax rates in the nation (Tax Foundation)
  • Is ranked the 2nd worst in transparency & accountability (Public Integrity Commission)
  • Is the 7th worst state to start a business (WalletHub)
  • Has the 8th worst 1-year real GDP change (USA Today)
  • Has the 10th worst business climate in the nation (WalletHub)
  • Is ranked 34th for employment (U.S. News & World Report)
  • Is ranked 30th for economic activity (WalletHub)

Delaware’s Right Steps

While the First State is far from the “diamond” it could be, we applaud the steps taken to help Delaware’s economy and business climate, including:

  • Governor Carney’s “Rainy Day Fund,” a reserve of money in the State’s annual budget for emergencies or one-time expenses.
  • The establishment of the Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP), an entity designed to help Delaware attract, grow, and retain companies; and supporting private employers’ search for and development of talent.
  • The University of Delaware’s Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) campus, a “hub of inspiration, innovation, and impact.”
  • The Delaware Business Roundtable’s (DBT) Ready in Six initiative, designed to help the state issue permits within 6 months in order to attract business.