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A Better Delaware Celebrates the Holidays and Looks Back on a Successful Year

ABD logoFrom: Kathleen Rutherford, Executive Director

WILMINGTON, Del. — As A Better Delaware celebrates the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible throughout the past year. It’s in this spirit that we say thank you and send best wishes for the holidays and New Year. As we look back on 2022, we’d like to acknowledge those who have supported our organization’s efforts to promote pro-growth, pro-jobs policies and greater transparency and accountability in Delaware state government.

It’s been a groundbreaking year for A Better Delaware. Since last Christmas, our organization’s grassroots campaigns have shown tremendous success, with many of our digital advocate efforts going viral, accumulating more than a million cumulative impressions. Additionally, 98% of our in-house issue-focused blogs have been published across various Delaware news outlets.

Over 98k YouTube subscribers viewed ABD’s video release this past October WHAT NOT TO DO which explores the disastrous impact of Delaware’s COVID policies on the state’s small business community.

– 2022 By The Numbers –

1.4 M interactions on Facebook99% blogs and press releases published72K impressions on twitter55k visits to our websiteOver 50 unique emails delivered to 1.6 million inboxesOver 98K video campaign views

That’s in no small part thanks to the guidance of A Better Delaware’s Advisory Board, which has grown from two-distinguished leaders to six in the past year. In addition to veteran business leader Sam Waltz and beloved former Gov. Mike Castle, four new members have joined our organization: renowned elder law attorney Bill Erhart, accomplished obstetrician Dr. Greg DeMeo, nationally recognized climatologist David Legates, and public safety expert Dennis Godek. All of our board members have been and will continue to be invaluable assets to our organization.

Sam Waltz, Vice Chair, November 2022, Business and Communications AdvisorHon. Mike Castle, January 14, 2022, Government and Policy AdvisorWilliam W. Ehrhart, February 28, 2022, Elder Law and Veteran Benefits AdvisorDr. Gregory DeMeo, March 31, 2022, Healthcare AdvisorDavid Legates PhD, November 14, 2022, Climate and Renewable Energy AdvisorDennis Godek, November 25, 2022, Criminology Advisor

A Better Delaware will continue to build an advisory board with professionals in Education, Finance, Family Health, and Criminal Law experts to advise on school choice, mental health substance abuse issues, state budgetary matters and crime issues all of which influence Delaware’s economic growth.

Thanks to your support, A Better Delaware’s policy advocacy was seen and heard within Delaware’s Legislative Hall. Our organization worked tirelessly to promote legislation that would aid the state’s recovery from pandemic-era lockdowns, ensure transparency in government, reduce Delawareans’ taxes, ease the state’s regulatory burden, and limit wasteful and unnecessary spending. Those bills include Senate Bill 338, which proposed an Office of Legislative Ethics; House Bill 405, which would create an independent Inspector General’s office; House Bill 445, which would reduce the gross receipts tax by 50%, House Bill 71, which would increase the realty tax credit; and many more.

While we’re so proud of the strides we’ve made in the past year, there is more work to be done to create A Better Delaware for us all. To remain part of the movement, be sure to stay informed on our work by looking out for our emails, blogs, and posts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

There’s no greater joy for us than the opportunity to express season’s greetings and a very happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to all Delawareans!