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Delaware coalition: Additional redistricting hearing dates needed by Tuesday | Bay to Bay News

From :Bay to Bay News

DOVER — A diverse coalition has called upon state leaders to come forward with specific redistricting hearing dates by Tuesday, when the first and only announced hearing is taking place.

On Sept. 10, officials announced a general outline of the redistricting process in response to pressure from Common Cause Delaware. The first hearing will be held virtually via Zoom at 6 p.m. Tuesday. Those interested can participate using the ID No. 849 5944 5548 on zoom.us.

Leaders said other dates would be announced “later this month,” but more than two weeks later, no more events have been publicized, according to a statement from Claire Snyder-Hall, director of Common Cause Delaware.

Common Cause is now asking state officials to take the next step and provide dates, times and locations with plenty of notice.

“It’s not enough for state leaders to say there will be public hearings; they need to share the actual dates too,” said Ms. Snyder-Hall. “People need to get the hearing dates on their calendars. With the General Assembly promising to rush this process through in less than two months, the clock is ticking. We hope state leaders announce hearing dates soon so as many voters as possible can have a say in these decisions that impact our lives.” Read more: