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Leadership Central Delaware and Leadership Delaware, Inc. announce partnership

From: Delaware Business Times  Leadership Central Delaware (LCD) and Leadership Delaware, Inc. (LDI) are in the business of mentoring, developing, and training the state’s next generation of leaders. Program leaders of both organizations believe that effective leaders that demonstrate vision and integrity, and who are ready to make a commitment to positively impact Delaware, are all too few. They understand that leadership training, which often happens simply by default, must be methodical and intentional to be effective. To that end, LCD and LDI strive to create an experience for emerging leaders that will assist them as they grow and become the region’s next generation of leaders.

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce’s “Diamond Program,” LCD, now in its 21st year and with an alumni base of over 500, creates effective, dynamic, and knowledgeable leaders by introducing them to the industries in Kent County who serve as the area’s largest economic drivers and their leaders.  LCD’s 10-month program is comprised of 9 day-long learning sessions, an opening and closing retreat and graduation. Each day-long session, marked by conversations with the leaders of these industries, tours of the county’s leading facilities, and hands-on learning experiences, is focused on a different economic segment of Kent County. As a result of this incredible experience, participants will gain an opportunity to develop resources and partnerships, an understanding of the role of leaders in the community, connections with people of influence, and an understanding of the importance of collaboration among business – all while developing their own leadership styles, skills, and strategies. Read more: Leadership Central Delaware and Leadership Delaware, Inc. announce partnership – DBT (delawarebusinesstimes.com)