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Delaware’s restaurants still dealing with massive staffing shortages

From: Delaware Public Media

Almost 90 percent of Delaware restaurants are short on staff, according to a survey from the Delaware Restaurant Association.

Gone to your favorite restaurant to find it’s now closed on Mondays? That’s becoming more common in the First State, as many owners close on certain days give overworked staff a reprieve.

The Delaware Restaurant Association found almost 80 percent of restaurants have had to change their hours because they’re short on staff.

Delaware Restaurant Association president Carrie Leishman says like many others during lockdown, restaurant staff sought jobs with more stability.

“You know, you’re gonna have a lot of people that love the restaurant industry but they feel they should have left for quote unquote more professional jobs in cubicles — and they’re gonna realize they don’t like it,” Leishman said. “They’re not going to make the money they’re used to in this industry, and they’re not going to have those flexible jobs that they’re used to. So we think they’ll come back, but they’ll come back slowly.”

Current staff shortages mean some restaurants, such as Harry’s Savoy Grill in Brandywine Hundred shut down one day a week, to give the remaining staff a needed break. Read more