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Here’s list of $70 million in projects picked by legislators for their districts

From: Delaware Live The list of projects included in the Delaware General Assembly’s $70 million community redevelopment grants includes $2 million for a private school stadium, $1.6 million for the Delaware Agricultural Museum, and $1.35 million for the Nanticoke Indian Association.

Community redevelopment funds are one-time allocations that legislators earmark for nonprofits, schools, and community agencies in their districts.

The itemized list of recipients was not included in the Bond Bill when it was passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. John Carney.

Bond bill committee members offered assurances that the list would be made available to the public as soon as it was finished being collated by the Controller General’s office. It was posted Thursday on the General Assembly’s website.  Read more: https://delawarelive.com/heres-list-of-70-million-in-projects-picked-by-legislators-for-their-districts/