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Minimum wage bill sponsor condemns last-minute amendments to bill

From: Delaware Live  The bill to raise Delaware’s minimum wage is set for its final stop on the General Assembly roller coaster Thursday before being sent to the governor.

And when it comes up in the House of Representatives, so will nine amendments filed since June 10, most by Republicans opposed to raising minimum wage to $15 by 2025. They would give breaks to small businesses and nonprofits and delay the implementation of the law.

“It’s disappointing that only now, with just days left in this year’s legislative session, we’re seeing a flurry of filed amendments that seek to delay implementation or provide carve outs benefitting favored employers,” said Sen. Jack Walsh, D-Stanton, in a statement released by the Democrat caucus Wednesday.

“Senate Bill 15 was sent to the Delaware House of Representatives a full three months ago and was released from the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance & Commerce Committee back in April,” he said.

Now, the amendments must be dealt with when the bill is called to the floor for a vote.

Walsh urged his colleagues to vote no on those proposals.

“It’s time to put working people at the center of this policy debate,” Walsh said. “It’s time to leave behind the era of discriminatory wage standards. It’s time we meaningfully raise the minimum wage for Delawareans, regardless of whether they have 10 coworkers or 10,000.”

Republicans remained unapologetic.

“While the sponsor of the legislation is entitled to his perspective, it is not within his scope of authority to dictate how the House of Representatives should consider, debate and amend the legislation that comes before it,” said Joseph Fulgham, a communications officer for the House Republican Caucus.  “Our members have an obligation to represent the interests of their constituents and bring their concerns to the debate.” Read more: Minimum wage bill sponsor condemns last-minute amendments to bill (delawarelive.com)