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Speakers at Senate meeting strongly oppose changing FOIA

From: Delaware Live!

A bill aimed at restricting Freedom of Information Act requests generated spirited opposition from members of the public at a Senate Elections and Government Affairs Committee meeting on Wednesday.

No members of the public spoke in support of SB 155. If released from the Senate committee, the bill would be brought to the Senate floor for a vote before being sent to the House for committee assignment and consideration.

Senate Bill 155, sponsored by Sen. Kyle Evans Gay, D-Brandywine Hundred, seeks to amend how government bodies respond to FOIA requests.

If passed into law, SB 155 would grant public bodies the ability to deny requests they deem “unreasonable, disruptive or abusive.”

The bill would further allow public bodies to charge additional administrative fees for all FOIA reviews, including for the review and redaction of information deemed exempt from FOIA.

According to the Delaware Department of Justice, Delaware’s FOIA law already prohibits disclosing certain information, including personnel or student records, tax returns of other citizens, Social Security numbers, health and welfare records, Family Services records, criminal history records, investigative files and prisoner records.

Read more: https://delawarelive.com/speakers-at-senate-meeting-strongly-oppose-changing-foia/