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As state steps up enforcement, businesses work to meet COVID-19 regulations

From Delaware State News

DOVER — After promising to step up enforcement in August and September to stem the spread of COVID-19, the Delaware Division of Public Health has issued a total of six administrative penalties and one short-term closure to businesses for noncompliance with regulations.

The most notable actions were taken against Rancho El 24 in Bridgeville and Mexican Folkloric Dance Society of New York in early September for a rodeo that drew about 1,500 people and did not require mask-wearing or social-distancing.

DPH spokeswoman Jen Brestel said the agency assessed a $21,000 administrative penalty due to “severe noncompliance of the Governor’s State of Emergency order” ($10,000 each for face covering and social distancing violations, $1,000 for failure to secure proper approval). The DPH did inform the event organizers that penalties issued by the agency may be reduced if actions were taken to assist any potential contact tracing efforts within seven days of receipt of the enforcement notice.

In Kent County, only one business has been fined for violations thus far.

The Green Stinger in Woodside was assessed a $1,000 administrative penalty ($500 per violation) for continued noncompliance of COVID-19 requirements, according to the DPH.

In Sussex County, there has been one smaller violation in addition to the incident at Rancho El 24.

Bethany Auto Parts and Marine Supplies in Ocean View was assessed a $100 administrative penalty for continued noncompliance of COVID-19 requirements, according to the DPH.

The other three administration penalties were issued in New Castle County, including the only closure.

Ms. Brestel said DPH inspectors observed multiple violations during an inspection at Mad Mac’s in Newark on Friday, Aug. 28. The establishment agreed to close to address the compliance issues and reopened the following day.

No fine was issued to Mad Mac’s, Ms. Brestel said, but repeat violations could result in closure, fines or other actions.

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