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Delaware General Assembly staff announces union, says it’s the first of its kind in U.S.

From The News Journal

Hours before the General Assembly convened for its 2020 legislative session – and much to the surprise of lawmakers, statehouse staff announced plans to unionize.

The organization, which calls itself the Delaware General Assembly Union, announced its intent to unionize in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

“NEWS: A majority of Democratic, Republican and nonpartisan staff from all four caucuses of the Delaware General Assembly have announced their intent to unionize,” the tweet says. “This will be the first partisan-inclusive state legislative union in the country.”

“We have requested voluntary recognition from General Assembly leadership and we are excited for swift, amicable and productive contract negotiations,” another tweet from that account said.

There are about 170 part-time and full-time staffers at Legislative Hall. According to the progressive nonprofit publication Prospect.org, which published an article on the news that was shared by the union’s Twitter account, the union group would include 44 of those staffers.

A press release announcing the union called the effort a “historic step forward for public service workers across the country.”

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